Monday, October 20, 2008

Hello World!!

Hello World!! Ginny Tritt here!! I am so excited for my very first blog posting!

I am a 3 year old brindle boxer (my mommy says I am beautiful, but I think she's just saying that 'cause she has to) living in Texas. I love toys, Pupperonis and reading my cousin Odie's blog. And Pupperonis. Did I mention that? I REALLY love Pupperonis. I would do ANYTHING for a Pupperoni. Mommy, are you getting this??

Anyway, I am just teaching my new little brother the ropes here at home. You see, I had a little big brother--his name was Eddie. He was a yorkie and was almost 15 years old!! Here he is teaching me the ropes when I was a little girl.

Eddie was my best buddy and taught me everything I know!

Then, earlier this year, Eddie started getting really sick. About a month ago, Mommy said he went to the Rainbow Bridge. I don't really know where that is, but it made Mommy & Daddy really sad. I am sad too--I miss him very much. I have been looking for him all over the house and I just can't find him. Mommy said he's with the angels. I hope they are taking good care of him, 'cause I miss him.

Mommy said that we had a big empty space in our home and went in search of a furry body to fill it with! She said it would "heal our hearts" but I don't really know what that means.

Mommy found Archie at a rescue here in Texas. The poor little guy looks like he's been eaten by moths, but the vet said it's no big deal and gave Mommy medicine for him. Poor guy--he gets baths ALL THE TIME!!

He sure is cute though. We have lots of fun playing, but it's tough. He just doesn't get the rules--I try to explain them to him and he just ignores me. I told him--I take one side of the rope, you take the other and we have a tug o' war! He just doesn't get it. He's getting better, but I have lots to teach this little guy. He's gonna wear me out!

Archie is not Eddie and I still miss that guy a lot. I guess it's my turn to be the big dog and pass on all of Eddie's lessons. Archie, your next lesson is the "staredown." Eddie taught me this one to get more treats from Mommy and Daddy. Archie? Archie!!! Come back here! Oh that kid makes me crazy!


Odie the Roadie and his 'People', Paul & Jeannie said...

Welcome to the blog world, Ginny! Looks like my computer and typing lessons we snuck in when our people were out eating Mexican food without us have paid off.

Sweet Ginny said...

Shhhh!! don't tell my mommy!!